BGA Repair Service In Madhapur

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At BEST, we are your ‘one-stop’ solution, offering a wide range of ball grid array rework and repair services that include:

  • BGA component removal
  • BGA repair
  • Site Prep
  • Replacement
  • Salvage
  • X-ray or optical verification
  • Circuit Design Changes
  • BGA Pad Repair
  • Trace Repair
  • Mask Repair
  • BGA Underfill
  • BGA Rework and Technical Support Certification Classes

BEST has a variety of high-end tools to perform BGA repair service. In addition to our high-end x-ray machine which can help determine its high definition spot size the BGA repair that is required. BGA repair services can then be performed once the problem is diagnosed. BEST also has the ability to perform dye and pry services which can help to diagnose soldering problems and then recommend the right BGA repair service to fix these problems. In addition, BEST can provide cross sectioning services which may also lead to the proper BGA repair service to fix the problem.

We can also help you diagnose and troubleshoot your own ball grid array rework process. Our knowledgeable SMT process engineers can review your process documentation, audit your BGA repair or ball grid array repair process or develop a highly successful one for your operation including the development of thermal profiles which are critical to reworking the location without knowing  the specifics of how to run your ball grid array rework equipment.

BEST can provide a variety of very delicate BGA repair services. Such services may include the reballing of a BGA, the repair of damaged solder mask, the repair of pads, the re-marking of parts and other BGA repair services.

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